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Affluent Shopper Trend Report: : How to attract more high-potential affluent customers to your brand ($995)

Post-recession retail is in the doldrums. Attracting more affluents to your shopping destination is the key to future success. This Unity Marketing Trend Report examines the affluent shopper and why they shop. Through this undertanding retailers ...

How Affluents Shop: Trends in who, what, where and why of affluent shoppers, 2014-2015

Across the nation, the shoppers that count most to retailers from High Street to Main Street, in the malls, at the outlets, in the tony luxury boutiques, in the department stores and at the discounters are the affluent, defined as those with incomes ...

Luxury's Got a Brand New Style: How to Position Your Brand to the New Affluent Consumer Psychology

Think about the 'It" handbag carried by an ultra-fashionable, ultra-affluent consumer, and you may picture the Hermès Birkin or maybe the little NN14 number from Louis Vuitton. These iconic bags can top five figures in price and have often boasted a ...

Meet the HENRYS: Positioning for the Mindset of the High-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet Mass Affluent Customers (updated for 2015)

Meet the HENRYs: Gatekeepers to the New Luxury Market and the New Target for Mass-Market Brands - Meet the HENRYs, High-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet consumers with household incomes between $100k and $250k. HENRYs are the new face of the ...

Cocooning in New Luxury Style: How the top 20% shop for & decorate their home and ways for businesses to prosper ($750)

U.S. Home Furnishings Market Underwent Major Overhaul During Recession -- How Consumers Are Constructing the New Home Furnishings Market of their Future - Only in 2013 did the home furnishings market recover its losses from the ...
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