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Affluents Will Travel in New Luxury Style in 2015: Ultimate Guide to Winning the Hearts & Dollars of Today's Affluent Traveler

Published: January 2015
Pages: 156
Price: $750.00


Affluents Will Travel in New Luxury Style in 2015: Ultimate Guide to Winning the Hearts & Dollars of Today's Affluent Traveler

Tapping seven years of historic market research data, plus the results of a new survey conducted in late 2014 about affluent travel plans for 2015, Unity Marketing has studied exactly what's on the mind of today's luxury traveler. Affluents Will Travel in New Luxury Style in 2015 digs deeply into the spending habits and preferences of high-net-worth (HNW) and high-earners-not-rich-yet (HENRY) individuals. In this can't miss report, travel marketers will learn:

  • Who has disposable income for travel expenses and where they will spend it in 2015?
  • How does today's traveler define luxury?
  • What is the role of the travel professional in today's luxury travel market?
  • What are the top 10 destinations for affluent travelers?
  • What influences affluents when making travel plans? Which websites and travel publications are most important?
  • How affluents use social media to choose travel providers?
  • How do affluents -- HNW & HENRYs -- spend their money while traveling?
  • How can you build a relationship with the next generation of Millennial travelers?

This report includes eye-opening statistics and detailed case studies to demonstrate how your hospitality firm or travel destination can thrive in today's value-oriented luxury travel market.

Success in luxury travel marketing begins with understanding the needs and desires of luxury travelers. Get an edge on the competition with the Ultimate Guide to Winning the Hearts & Dollars of Today's Affluent Traveler by the luxury consumer experts at Unity Marketing.

Need the Data but Don't Have Time to Study the Report:

Unity Marketing offers an alternative to action-oriented marketers that need the latest information about the luxury travel market, but don't have the time to invest in studying the data and extracting the 'good stuff' that is actionable for their business. Pam Danziger can consult with your group to drill down to the bits and pieces of insight that your team needs and deliver the most actionable insights to your group in a power-packed hour's presentation. Call 717.336.1600 to discuss your organization's needs.

More about the Affluents Will Travel in New Luxury Style in 2015 & Its Methodology

Luxury consumers are surveyed every three months about their travel experiences, spending, attitudes and brand preferences. Affluent luxury consumers are defined by high-income (top 20% based upon income starting at about $100,000) and purchases of any 21 different categories of high-end/luxury good or services, including Luxury Travel. This report includes the results of seven continuous years of quarterly survey results, from 2008-2014.

In addition, a special survey about affluents travel plans for 2015 was conducted in October 2014 among n=1,330 affluent consumers. Average income for the sample was $259k and average age 47.9 years. The results of this study were compared with a comparable survey conducted in 2013 among 1,309 affluent travelers.

The ACTS survey also over samples ultra-affluents ($250,000+), so they weigh more heavily in the final analysis. In a natural distribution ultra-affluents would represent 10-12% of total; in our sample 33% of total sample are ultra-affluents. These ultra-affluents make up the large majority of HNW consumers included in the survey, as well - typically making up 30% of so of the survey sample.

March 2015 (156 pages)

Published Price: $750 /p>


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