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Luxury Market Faces a Drought in the USA as Affluents Choose Conscious Consumption over Conspicuous Brands
A new style of luxury has taken hold reflected in consumers' preferences for high-quality brands, but without paying the premium for marketing-generated prestige Read more 

Doyle & Doyle Shows How to Retail Jewelry in New-Luxury Style
oin me April 9 & 10 at Initiatives in Art & Culture's Fifth Annual Gold Conferenceto get ideas and inspiration for retailing jewelry in new-luxury style Read more 

Affluents Will Travel in New Luxury Style This Year
Learn about the prospects and opportunities for serving the luxury traveler in 2015 Read more 



How L'Oreal Paris Targets the Age of Affluence -- When Being 70 is the new sexy!
As the Baby Boom becomes the face of affluence, marketers must prepare to court the mature market in new ways 
Read more 


Five Trends Shaping the Affluent Consumer Market in 2015

Unity Marketing publishes a new report that describes the key trends for luxury brands in 2015 and beyond  Read more  

Millennials and their Luxury Aspirations
The consumer market is poised to experience the biggest generational shift in wealth and affluence since the Baby Boomers emerged as the core target market
  Read more 




Meet the HENRYs -- High Earners Not Rich Yet:
Gatekeepers to the New Luxury Market and the New Target for Mass-Market Brands  Read more  

J. Crew Lost Focus on Its Affluent Customer and Learned a Painful Lesson
CEO Mickey Drexler learns “Customer is always right” after “lousy year”  Read more 

Why Maker's 46 Is Hitting the Mark with Affluent Bourbon Lovers

Is lifestyle branding best with premium liquor brands?  Read more 

Apple Watch Is a Brand New Style of Luxury for a Brand New Generation
Apple is fillling a void in the market Read more 

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