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Custom Research

Market research is only as good as the way you use it.  Pam Danziger and the Unity Marketing team are experts at getting the research information you need and then helping you take action on the findings.  We not only collect data, but explain how to use the resutling information to build your business.  Our specialty is developing customized strategic marketing plans for your business.  Tiis process is especially effective for small-to-mid-sized businesses that don't have an army of M.B.A.s or the luxury of huge marketing budgets.  Our approach is highly cost effective and delivers results.  

Unity Marketing specializes in providing business insights into the mind of the affluent consumer.  Specific services Pam provides include:

Strategic Marketing Planning Is Our Specialty 

Step 1:  Needs Analysis

You and your corporate team meet with Pam Danziger to discuss your business objectives, challenges and issues. Pam will conduct activities to help you delve more deeply into needs, opportunities, challenges.  We define what you want out of this project and what you want to achieve through your marketing program.  We focus on the end goal of this process to see where we need to, want to go.  This is an essential step that assures success of our project.


  • Can be conducted by phone or in-person meeting at your offices.  If you want to meet in person, set aside 1 day for introductions, meeting, activities.


  • Report summarizing goals and objectives of marketing program, defined marketing goals and objectives. You will finalize goals before moving on to the next step.

Step 2:  Marketing Audit

Pam conducts a marketing audit to see how you currently market your business and how well your marketing program works. This is a research phase of the project where Pam talks with key staff members about the business; key accounts that sell products/services or key customers that buy products/services. Pam focuses on the 4 P’s of marketing – Product, Price, Promotion, Placement/Distribution -- plus the missing P – the people who buy your products, services. This phase may also include a competitive analysis: who your key competitors are and what you can learn from them.  Since each client is different, the marketing audit will be customized to each client's specific needs.


  • You need to give Pam access to your business information, what you do, who does it, how well it performs. As a highly-skilled researcher, Pam will interview your key accounts, key customers, key staff to make them feel special and valued as partners in your business.


  • Each marketing audit is as different as each business but usually the marketing audit is conducted remotely, by phone using a script that assures confidentiality.


  • Pam will turn over all research materials, interviews, analyses to client upon completion of the strategic marketing plan.

Step 3:  Marketing Report Card

In this phase Pam will review with you and your corporate team the results of the marketing audit. Specifically what issues she uncovered about your marketing efficiency and effectiveness. She will review your marketing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. We discuss what was uncovered in the research about your business, your competitive environment and your customer base. We will review your marketing goals in light of the research results – Are those goals achievable? Are those goals feasible? Should we change the goals, modify the goals, dial the goals up or down based upon the findings from the research?


  • In-person meeting at your offices; set aside ½-1 day for research review, discussion, next steps.


  • Report summarizing marketing audit findings, essentially a ‘report card’ about your business.

Step 4:  Strategic Marketing Plan

Pam will deliver a detailed strategic marketing plan detailing key strategies for Product, Price, Promotion, Placement/Distribution that will help you connect and build market share with your target market.  In the plan she will recommend resources to fill specific needs that are identified, e.g. advertising agencies, website developers, internet & social media support, logo designers, brand-building resources, media placement, dm list managers, independent sales reps, sales training, public relations, etc.


  • Can be conducted by phone or in-person meeting at your offices; set aside ½-1 day for research review, discussion, next steps.


  • Detailed marketing strategic plan with strategies, tactics, next steps and resources defined.

Step 5:  On-going Consultation & Support

To help keep you on course and moving forward with your strategic marketing plan, Pam provides a one-hour conference call monthly for up to six months.  Thereafter, consultation and support available on an as-needed or monthly retainer basis. 

Want to Learn More

Download a prospectus describing our approach in more depth.  

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