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White Papers and FREE Articles 

Predictive Value of the LCI -- Unity Marketing's Luxury Tracking Study and Its Power in Predicting Trends in the Luxury Market

Understanding the mindset of the luxury consumer gives luxury marketers a view 'over-the-horizon' to predict trends in the luxury market. Unity Marketing has developed a statistical tool -- the Luxury Consumption Index (LCI) -- that measures affluent consumer confidence and predicts the direction of spending on luxury goods and services in the future.

This white paper explains Unity Marketing's Luxury Tracking study and how luxury marketers can use it to alert them to trends and changes in the purchasing behavior of their affluent customers. Further it explores the predictive power of the Luxury Consumption Index as it relates to luxury consumer spending trends and the values of global luxury stocks.

What Do HENRYs Want?  Reaching the Most Important Affluent Demographic

Who are the HENRYS (high-earners not rich yet) and why are they so important to consumer marketers at all pricing levels -- down-market, up-market and everywhere in between?  This white paper explores the unique and special needs of the HENRYs and strategies for marketers to maximize sales to this affluent consumer segment.  

In addition it profiles companies that are making the most of their HENRY customers' potential, including Costco, Nordstrom, Alex and Ani, PANDORA, Havaianas, Timex, Uniqlo, Michael Kors. 

Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury -- Introduction to Pam Danziger's latest book

"Before this recession, people were spending their perceived wealth.  The values of their homes were up, their investments and 401(k)s were up.  Now that wealth is gone and they're back to spending their real income," says Pam Danziger, Unity Marketing.

The Great Recession of 2008 drained the 'luxe' right out of luxury.  Affluents learned to say no to the allure of luxury brands.  As a luxury marketer, you need to attract your recession-ravaged customers back to the fold. Download a preview of Pam Danziger's new book, Putting the Luxe Back in Luxury:  How new consumer values are redefining the way we market luxury.  It will give luxury marketers vital insights and strategies to assure success in the new luxury market through 2020. 

 It will help bring resistant luxury consumers back to your brand.

Affluents Revealed:  Research-Based Solutions to Understanding the Mindset and Purchase Behavior of Affluent Consumers

Business success starts with understanding the consumer.  Today's affluent consumer is the 'heavy-lifter' in the overall consumer economy.  They account for only 20 percent of households, but over 40 percent of all consumer spending.  Unity Marketing offers a range of research-based solutions to provide insight and understanding of their 'heavy-lifting' customer appropriate for each clients' needs and budgets.       

Exploding the Retailer's Myth of Black Friday

Tradition states that "Black Friday" is the day after Thanksgiving when retailers actually start to make a profit after all their work throughout the year.  But today "Black Friday," even the whole fourth quarter, are less important when it comes to opportunities in the gift-giving marketing.      

How to Transform a 41-year-old High-End Furniture Store into a 21st Century Destination Where Customers Can Create a Stylish Home:  A New Design for Davids

This is a case study of how Davids Furniture & Interiors transofrmed its brand and marketing to attract a new generation of affluent customers.  A marketing audit conducted for the company revealed that the company's brand image and marketing messaging was caught in a time warp.  The external image the company projected was not consistent with the sophisticated, high-style and design image the company reflected through its three retail stores.  

Learn how Davids created a total rebrand, including a new logo, tag line, color palette, collateral material to appeal to the type of sophisticated clients to which their products and services are targeted.   

This white paper will help any company dealing with a changing customer base where the traditional marketing solutions are no longer working like they used to.    

Luxury of Time: A Generational Perspective

Money is fungible; almost anyone can get more of it if they work longer, harder, smarter.  Time, on the other hand, is fixed.  No one, no matter how much money he or she has, can get one second more of it.  That's why how one spends his or her money is far more important than how one spends his or her time. Time is the ultimate luxury because it is the only truly limited resource one has.

While time is the ultimate luxury for everyone, how people perceive time is relative.  For a luxury marketer, the number one variable in how the target customer perceives time is age.  Young people have a much different time perspective than those who are older.

In today's luxury market, an examination of the three adult generations -- Millennials, GenXers, and Baby Boomers -- provides marketers with insight into how to use time to reach the target audience. 

Top Ten Gift Picks for 2012

The first step to understanding consumers' gifting behavior is learning more about their gift choices. Click the link below to get a list of the top 10 gift choices among gifting consumers in 2012.  This indispensable resource will help retailers, manufacturers, and marketers prepare for the remainder of 2012, and it is free to those who ask. 

Affluent Travelers' Attitudes about their Luxury Travel Experiences

In order to statisfy their guests' needs and desires, luxury travel providers must understand their attitudes and motivations when they travel.  Click this link to find a chart of 14 attitude statements held by high-end travelers.  By understanding the travelers attitudes and motivations, travel providers are able to capitalize on their position in the competitive travel market and their unique selling proposition . 

What, So What, Now What – You’ve Built It, But Will the Customers Come?
Create a Strategic Marketing Plan for your Business

"If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there,"  attributed to Lewis Carroll

There is no time like the present to get started creating a strategic marketing plan for your business.  It will serve as a road map to find customers and to grow your business in the future.  This white paper will describe the steps in creating a strategic marketing plan, appropriate for businesses of all sizes, small, mid-sized and large.   

Retailers, Does Your Shop Pop? Take a Pop Quiz!

Does your shop create an ultimate experience for your shoppers? Discover how well your store measures up to the Pop Equation in Pam's new book, Shopping.

Click here to download a copy of a self-test that will help you find new ways to boost sales in your store by enhancing the shopping experience. Read Pam's advice about how to rev-up your store's marketing in the answer key.

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