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How Hearts On Fire Found a Next Generation Way to Sell Jewelry
A new study probes why Millennials are avoiding fine jewelry purchases and how to get their attention  Read more 

Interested in the 'Accessible Luxury' Market?  Then You Need to Meet HENRY
The new mass-affluent customer that is your key target customer
Lord & Taylor is claiming leadership in the 'accessible luxury' market, which means it is aiming for the HENRY customer segment 
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New Unity Marketing Study Finds Challenges Ahead for the Luxury Travel Market, as Affluent's Demand for Luxury Travel and Spending Are Down Near 2009 Levels
New Unity Marketing report includes eye-opening statistics and detailed case studies to demonstrate how your hospitality firm or travel destination can thrive in today's value-oriented luxury travel market 
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It's Christmas in July and Here's a Gift for Marketers -- Social Media
New snapshot report reveals that social media is how to build connections with the decorations customers and draw them into the store to buy  Read more 


Affluent Austerity:  Are Your Feeling It in Your Business?  What Should You Do About It?
A new trend report takes the results of the latest affluent shopper survey and turns those insights into strategies that will take your business forward 
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